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Hakuouki live blogging episode 16

HIjikata tells sanan to stop making rasetsu because everytime they use their powers it takes away from their life force.

Chizuru tells HIjikata to stop using his powers, he gets ticked and tells her why should he listen to her //because she loves you, there I answered for her//

awww he patted her head and asked for more tea, but his demon side is coming out just as chizuru was about to prick her finger, he got a hold of her and made her leave the room closing the door behind her. remembering the medicine heisuke gave him, he took it.

Saito is with the new recruits and Chizuru is bringing tea to kondou. suddenly hijikata storms inside with a few soldiers and tell him that they are surrounded so prepare to leave.

Kondou says he will go to the enemies camp, hijikata refuses and says he will fight against them to buy them some time but Kondou refuses to let him do that. Then orders him to take the soldiers and retreat to join the ichikawa army.

HIjikata and shimada leave to tell the other soldiers to go to the escape route, Kondou gives money to chizuru to escape and he will explain to hijikata but she refuses and says she will leave with him. He then tells her to take care of hijikata, she knows what he means by those words

they escape and kondou stays behind, though they are spotted hijikata prepares to attack the enemy. He starts killing them and by the time chizuru makes her way up it’s already over. He tells her to leave but she refuses and wants to stay by his side //omg I hear the ED song playing, no no no this means something bad happened or is about to happen//

HIjikata starts talking and the scene moves to kondou who is surrendering to the enemy, flash backs appear. HIjikata is wondering why was he spared when he left Kondou behind with the enemies. He abandonded a friend he shouldnt have and been the one to die and Kondou should have lived.

Chizuru leans onto hijikatas back and tells him like he did not want kondou to die, kondou did not want hijikata to die and to live on.

Kondou is at the enemies place and he looks to the sky knowing that his time is up.

hakuouki live blogging episode 15

Kaoru shows up and tells Chizuru that they are brothers/sisters, as well that Koudou is not their father.

Kondou tells chizuru to run and attacks kaoru but he dodges and hits him in the stomach. Chizuru slapped Kaoru’s hand away when he offered her to come with him so he can protect her //wait, i thought you wanted to kill her and now you want to protect her??/

she fights him but he’s able to disarm her and places the edge of the sword mere inches against her neck and asked her one last time to go with him. She still refuses and Kaoru raises his sword ready to strike but Okita comes!!

back to Shiranui and harada, there’s only one bullet left and Shiranui says he will get their attention while the others run away //even though he is a demon that wanted them dead, he is a good guy//

Okita turns back to normal because of his TB and Kaoru is about to strike but a sword impales him, it belongs to Chikage!! he falls to the floor and crawls over to chizuru saying her name then asked ‘why’ then dies;;

Chikage leaves, they bury Kaoru’s body and head back. Everyone starts drinking, chizuru is feeling down.

Harada goes out with chizuru, trying to cheer her up. later they go see okita with some dango, though he coughs a bit and says “ill weeds grow apace” in which chizuru agrees though she had to respond no, realizing this both okita and harada laugh

Kondou comes back, both Shinpachi and Harada tell him that they are leaving the group. Chizuru is there when they are leaving, Saito stays with the group. Harada tells Chizuru that he wants to protect her but it seems like he is abandoning her half way //which means go with him!!//

Hakuouki live blogging episode 14

they have over three hundred men in their army and night falls. Chizuru wakes up from a nightmare and sees Saito walking somewhere so she follows but gets caught by him.

They exchange some words and suddenly Himada; a soilder, comes and brings news that the enemy have already invaded the castle. Half of their squad left during the night after hearing that

Shinpachi and Harada tell Kondou it’s best to retreat until they have more men since they can’t fight in their condition. But Kondou refuses and says to go into battle. Shinpachi is mad because Kondou isnt thinking clearly

Later HIjikata tells Chizuru she should leave because that place will soon become a battlefield but she refuses and will stay there protecting kondou and everyone till he returns. He says for her to run with saito and kondou if anything happens and not to die.

a few hours after hijikata left the enemy came. they are losing badly and Harada tells Kondou that they should retreat since they are outnumbered but Kondou still refuses //really?? really, you’re stupid//

The enemy is coming from the north and south, still Kondou refuses to retreat and charges forward with a few soldiers but get blown by a canon. he survived, the others came down and helped him up. He realizes that fighting spirit will not win this time since it has passed

So he orders them to retreat, shinpachi and harada leave. Kondou tells saito he leaves chizuru to him and he leaves. Him killing so many men in trying to win this battle wont let him live on in shame but chizuru is able to convince him to live on.

Harada is trying to distract the enemy while shinpachi gets the men to retreat. Shiranui appears and attacks harada but the enemy attacks , Shinranui annoyed that they interfeered joins forces with Harada to get rid of the enemy which were really rasestu /demon guys

Saito fights as well so Chizuru and Kondou can escape. Back to Shiranui and harada, Koudou(chizuru’s father) appears, he was the one who brought the rasestu

Hakuouki live blogging episode 13

//Im just gonna cry from this episode on because I know it’s gonna be heart breaking//

after news on board about Yamazaki’s passing, they wrap him in some sheets and give him a burial at the sea;;

Back at headquarters, hijikata hasnt eaten anything nor slept as he tries to send out letters. One of the others came with news that the shogunate will not be meeting with them today and they will meet another day so hijikata leaves to give them a piece of his mind

Night falls and Heisuke is following Sanan but loses sight of him. Hijikata returns and his demon side comes out, a few seconds later Chizuru is about to enter the room. but he suppresses it in time.

He tells her to go back to sleep but she only wants to help with anything, he opens the door //bom chika wow wow// then he cups her chin, after a few words he tells her to make some tea in which she smiles.

hahah heisuke was watching the whole thing, he tells hijikata about what he saw the night about sanan

the headquarters is at a new location, Sanan goes to see Chizuru //i have  a bad feeling// 

he brings out a small sword and only wants some of her blood, Hijikata to the rescue as he stop sanan in time. then Sanan leaves the room

She’s not allowed to go out at night since Sanan might be the one who is killing people at night just for blood. When she asked him if his body was okay, he turned tsundere and told her to mind her own business and left

Chizuru went to visit Okita, he is still recovering and she brought him some food along with tea. he said it taste really good.

KOndou is back! they are using kofuku castle with canons, firearms and funds they received from Katsu. //yes that isnt suspicious at all//

morning already and Chizuru is walking around. Harada is there //hmmm sexy, everyone is in uniform. b—but their hair!?! i wont be able to run my fingers through them anymore;;//

saito buttoned his the wrong way, embarrassed he said he will adjust it later which also makes Chizuru realize and she turns to see HIjikata //unf, he has his legs crossed and his hand on his sword <333 boom goes my ovaries//

the shinsengumi’s is under a new name is kouyou chinbutai unit

  •  on a scale of Hakuouki to Clannad, how do I want my feels to be crushed by fictional characters today.
Hakuouki Live Blogging episode 12

//Swords will always be better than guns and canons .__. i apologize in advance but I will be saying some rude and or offensive words//

some clan there with their guns and canons fight against the shinsengumi, because they think since they have those weapons they can win //nothing but scaredy scats if you ask me, REAL men use swords <33//

CHizuru and Yamazaki are taking care of the people who are injured from the battle while its still going on

"I guess we no longer live in an age of swords and spears"- hijikata //because of westerners, it’s their fault. If they never showed up then they will still use swords and spears like REAL men.//

CHizuru says she will go deliver the message for reinforcements since everyone is tired from the battle so Inoue goes with her. once they arrive the gates are closed. They aren’t on the Shinsengumi’s side anymore but on the rebel’s side //wow, look at that give someone a gun and they will change sides so quickly//

They went to the meeting grounds but three people were standing there, as they got closer. Inoue right away knew something was not right and stood in front of Chizuru taking the bullets that were fired.

Inoue brings out his sword and tells Chizuru “Tell Toshi that ‘Im sorry I’am so weak. I hope you will forgive me for not staying with you until the end’ ” Chizuru is crying//Iam crying// “I am eternally grateful to you for letting me see one last dream”

Chizuru tries to convince him to leave but he tells her to run away and rushes forward, The rebel’s bring out their swords and while one of them is fighting against inoue the other two stab him //cowards//

he dies and she still hasnt run away, she tells them that how dare they turn coats when things seem bleak and that they are not true warriors  because she has seen true warriors. Then brings out her sword.

As one of the guys was about to use his sword, Chikage comes and kilsl them //okay so he isnt that bad//

So there was a secret letter to various clans and the bakufu are considered traitors?? 

hijikata appears~!~! he fights chikage and chikage had to use his true demon form. HIjikata brings out the vial that contained the medicine, he drinks it and turns into a half oni.

He cuts CHikage on the cheek //dont be such a big baby, your wound will heal//

just as they are about to clash once more two figures intervene, Amagiri and Yamazaki. Before Hijikata could hit chikage, Amagiri stopped the sword with his wrist. Chikage’s sword would have dealed heavy damage to Hijikata but Yamazaki got in the way and was injured instead.

they leave since harada and the others showed up. they bury inoue. Then head back to Osaka castle to find out, the shogun had left and there are hardly any weapons, food and ammunition left as well.

Chizuru is with Yamazaki, taking care of him though his breathing is heavy and ragged //i know something is gonna happen;;//. He asked her if she still had his notebook in which she responded yes

he tells her that he leaves it up to her to take care of everyone, she’s trying her best to put on a smile and tell him that everything will be okay. She went to make tea and get his medicine ready, his vision blurs //oh god I know its coming but im still no prepared//

finally his vision is blurred and chizuru turns around, both the plate and cup fall to the floor shattering as she realized Yamazaki died and the ED song is playing while she is walks over, falls to her knees and tries to wake him up //QAQ that is not okay!! never ever play the ED song when a character dies ;;//

Hakuouki live blogging episode 11

Heisuke drank the red medicine so he wouldnt die from the attack he took from amagiri.

Night time and Chizuru is outside washing the cups, Heisuke appears;; startled she drops one of the cups.

she cuts herself with the broken glass by mistake trying to pick it up, the blood makes Heisuke go mad and sanan comes telling him to drink blood. can you not really sanan??

He refuses though;; so sanan gives him some medicine to suppress it. Heisuke turns back to his normal self

OKita Q^Q his illness is getting worse //my poor baby// aw Kondou-san gave OKita his haori, then okita said about the smell, Kondou thought he meant it smelled bad. pfftt kondou is the best xDD clueless as usual

kimi and osen are there to chat with hijikata and chizuru >w< osen asked chizuru to leave with them this time only because war would be breaking out soon. She hesistated and Hijikata knew she didnt want to leave so spoke for her :) //damn that hot Hijikata <333 let me run my fingers through that hair of yours//

Kondou got shot in the right shoulder;; OKita is pissed off and goes back to his room to retrieve his sword to avenge what they did to kondou, but because of his illness he can hardly stand for long. He gives in and drinks the medicine;;

chizuru spotted okita running. Heisuke and Sanan show up, they didnt see okita but Heisuke still went after chizuru who ran off after okita

OKita kills some guys who were trying to lure them. then Kaoru //chizuru’s twin brother// appears, he was the one who told them to stay near the main road.

Kaoru im so sorry but you’re messed up in the head, go seek help. Chizuru doesnt even remember you and you go crazy on everyone. So sorry that hot guys want to protect your sister when you couldn’t

chizuru and heisuke show up, kaoru jumps onto the roof. there was two guys waiting in the alley waiting to shoot both of them but okita got in between and took the bullet. the guys ran away and so did kaoru.

back at the shinsengumi headquarters, they decide to let okita and kondou rest/recover at osaka

Hakuouki live blogging episode 10

//They suck, they suck so bad;; they took away my precious OP and ED from this episode on Q___Q //

Yamazaki no why are you foreshadowing?!!? are you….are you going to die?? but you cant;;;

Yes finally Itoe dies, not like he was important anyways

Heisuke you should have stayed with chizuru you dumb butt. Yes precious Saito always there to defend Chizuru against the other stupid clans =7= <3 I ship it!!!

No okita dont drink the red liquid, you know what happens if you do. and Heisuke made it to the scene where they are fighting, it’s just shinpachi and harada fighting now.

After amagiri(forgot his name) proposed that Chizuru be handed over in exchange for their lives, the shinsengumi look back and realize that she is there. Just as she was going to say yes by walking over there

both Harada and Shinpachi stop her;; after some words Heisuke joins the fight.

noooooo Heisuke QAQ Amagiri you asshole why did you do that?!!?

Hakuouki live blogging episode 9

Night time and a demon comes to attack Chizuru. But the guys came and rescued her ;; though she was injured on her arm, sanan no stop dont touch the blood. He touched it and goes mad

Hijikata got her out the way in time, ewww he licked it thats nasty

he even wants more, but wait what’s this?! the blood makes him go back to normal //demon blood is better than human blood after all//

ahahaha Itoe came ‘sanan is there but i thought he was dead!??!” yes he’s a ghost that haunts the place, dont worry you’ll get the details later

CHizuru you get to use Hijikata’s room~! <33 lucky!!

you dont want them to look at your injuries because you’re a demon, baby dont worry they wont love you any less;; they care deeply for you

the cherry blossoms are beautiful;; //cries// yes Saito you’re right the shinsengumi WILL change;;//if you know what i mean//

Sen is here and she wants Chizuru, Chikage //oh so thats the demon guys name// is coming and wants to take chizuru away

yes stay with the guys;; Sen-chan you’ve hit it dead on, she has special feelings for a certain someone

demon guys are back :/ chizuru you shouldve stayed, not like it would matter chikage still would have gotten you

yes fight for Chizuru~~! <333 HIjikata nearly gets slice but Chizuru got in between with her sword, ha ha ha Chikage hesitated but Hijikata placed him arm around her shoulder =7= <333

Chikage got rejected and left like the big baby he is

awww, Sanosuke patted Chizuru’s head again ;; its proper manners for a man to protect a woman //sadly not in this day of age//

they all fought harder than they did because she was there, and they wanted to protect her from danger;; <333

//I will live blog later, im off to work now;;//

Hakuouki live blogging episode 8

Sanosuke~ <333 

Awh Sen-chan is a cutie~! and hahaha she ratted him out, Harada is very thoughtful and cares for chizuru very much;;

he patted her head!!! “Happiness comes to those who smile” //the cuteness is gonna kill me//

-morning time-

Chizuru is in a better mood and everyone is smiling, except Heisuke who is still sleeping and hugging that pillow.

wait why is she cleaning, didnt they clean the whole place like two days ago?!?!

hahaha okita saw you and called you a ‘boss worry wart’, dont tie your hair you’ll catch a cold!! you have to dry it.

okita baby just be quiet and let Chizuru dry your hair.

I think if Hijikata chooses not to drink because he’ll get drunk fast, hahaha.

So some shogun guy died??

ugh itoe guy is still there, cant he die already? oh wait i forgot he does

sanosuke got money for protecting the bulletin board and they go drinking, hijikata got drunk told you~!

CHizuru baby dont worry;; wait, they want to dress her up as a girl. they are really drunk, hijikata tries to stop them but Kimi doesnt listen and dresses her up

She looks beautiful <333  Heisuke Hesiuke stop!! you’re over filling your cup with sake and its spilling, shinpanchi you dropped food disgrace;;

she runs away from them to outside and Hijikata is there <333 haha ‘so you had fun once in a while” yes you got it right, he use to be fun till he turned into a stick in the mud.

they drew on Sano’s stomach!!! ahahahaha

shit the demon guys are back

うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪All Star 2013年3月7日(木)発売